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 NCAA 09 Ladder (360)

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PostSubject: NCAA 09 Ladder (360)   Sun Jan 25, 2009 5:41 am

*** This is the Same Ladder as the one on FF i'm just posting it here also for more publicity!****

This is a ladder for NCAA football 2009. Much like the madden ladder, the goal is to reach the top of the ladder by defeating the bets people on the site. However, unlike the madden ladder you get a certain amount of points for each game played. These points will be based on Win or Loss, rank of opponet Score, Team Used, and Team played against. So if use Florida, and loose to UL Monroe, your gonna loose alot of points.

To sign up post your gamertag. Your post will also act as a profile for you to edit throughout the ladder. In it you need to keep your record, including the team you used and played against, and the gamertag of who you played. You can also post other things such as when you can play, teams you like to use, ect. I will keep track of your points but not your opponets, ect..

Point formula:
Win= 50+ points won by
Loss= -10 points - points loss by
Win with Teams rating:
90 and up= 0
80-89= 1
70-79= 5
60-69= 10
59 and down= 20
Beat Teams rating:
90 and up= 10
80 to 89= 5
Loss to team with rating:
60-69= -10
59 and down= -20
Win vs opponet ranked(unless you are ranked higher):
1st= 20 points
2nd= 15 points
3rd= 10 points
4th= 5 points
Loss vs opponets ranked:
below top 5= -5
below top 10= -10
** If your team is 10 points lower in rating the the team you lose to, you will only lose 10 total points. If your team is 15 points lower then the team you lose to you will not lose any points.

Some basic rules, No glitching of any kind. You cant change a players position, no CBs or WRs playing Runningback. The only way you can change a players postion is through the pre-play options. Also you can only play each player once a day.

1. Packers89- (252) 4-1
2. XsA MainEvent- (247) 4-3
3. DenverisMyTeam- (157) 2-0
4. delpanator23- (146) 2-0
5. Gundy's a Man- (124) 2-1
6. msuspartans#1- (101) 2-2
7. tntitans4life17- (18 ) 2-6
8. McKelvin 28- (0) 0-0
9. Vikingsfan51- (-24) 0-1
10. Gbpckr50- (-118) 0-4


XsA MainEvent- MAINxxEVENT
msuspartans#1- mitchakauf
Packers89- ZeppelinPage33
Vikingsfan51- OClion51
McKelvin 28- Durantrondo359
tntitans4life17- grizzlywr8
Gbpckr50- gbpckr50
DenverisMyTeam- RoyalPlayer10
Gundy's a Man- insano tater
delpanator23- GiantDirtyBird7


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NCAA 09 Ladder (360)
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